Leo Iwasaki 

1st Solo Album 

「Leo Quest 1」

© Copyright - Leo Iwasaki / Leo Iwasaki (192914112358)

1. Thousands of Lies

2. Piece of S×××

3. Griffin

4. The Bell

5. Diss Manipulation

6. Born in a Dark Place

7. Break Out

8. I Want You Tonight (In My Mouth)

9. To Say Goodbye

10. Piece of S××× (Japanese Version)

  • Performance, Lyrics, Composition, Mixing, All Work by Leo Iwasaki
  • Available on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby

The Last Crane 

「The Last Dream」 

1.The Last Dream

2.If you wanna be Badass

Vocals, Lyrics, Composition by Leo Iwasaki Arrangement by The Last Crane

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, LINE MUSIC(Japan Only)

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