Thousands of Lies

The time has passed too long

No matter how I tried, never seems to mend

The lies you told me went so deep and crashed our memories

When it all started thought you're the one who I should give everything to

So I gave you all I have left and you said this lasts forever

The trust meant for us to be better

We did spend enough time together

How could you betray me like that?

Have you ever done the same to someone?

Ah I don't wanna waste your precious time for you to break other one's heart

I'm too tired to see you act

Dying in our past

There's no moving on from it killing me

What I only know is I just won't even miss you

When it all ended, though I'm the one who was broken at the bottom

You looked away and just left like you don't even care for someone close

The truth meant for us to keep together

None of what you promised me was true

I guess I just made a mistake, yeah

You just made a big waste of my time

(Nothing can fix it anymore

What I did have got no where

I just know that I won't miss you cuz you'll do it again)

The Last Dream 

To believe in my dreams, losing my hope, the endless cycle never ends



何もなかった時 必要をくれた



怖がっていたままの この心でさえも



この扉開けば 終わり無い最後

進む先は一つ 戻りはしない

夢の中見た光景は 果てなく続いて


If my dreams come true, I'll find the next one cuz I'd keep wanting more


無駄と言われ続けて でも信じ続けて

行き先を見失って ループにはまって

諦めかけていた そんな時も


消えそうなこの思いを 忘れてしまう前に

今ここで始めよう 現実の夢を

あの場所へ行こう 掴み取るため迷わなくていいんだ


I won't ever look back, keep moving up cuz I made my choice to this world


No one really wanna try to be like a robot

I don't wanna be an idiot who has no sense

We gotta believe in what we think it's the best for us

I just don't give a shit about what they say

No one really wanna try to be like a robot

I don't wanna be an idiot has who no sense

I just don't care about what they say, yeah